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Notes From The Editor

To be a successful trader you have to consistently see the market as it is instead of how you might prefer it to be. This allows you to take appropriate actions, which in turn produce consistent profits. From this standpoint it's easy to see that trading results are directly linked to your ability to view the market correctly.

I'm using the term "market" to depict both the larger market made up of all trading taking place on the major exchanges, AND the individual trades that we have positions in at any time.

When we perceive the market accurately, we can use the information we get from our observations to define and use methods that give us a trading advantage. So how do we see the market "accurately"?

Our perception is actually our interpretation of our observations. Our interpretation is dramatically influenced by our individual beliefs, expectations and values. This means that when our beliefs and thoughts are relatively free from false assumptions and similar thinking errors, our interpretation of the market is more accurate. The more clearly we view the market, the easier it is to define and use profitable methods for trading the market consistently.

Here are a few key beliefs held by most successful traders:

- No matter what happens, the market is always correct and price is where it should be.

- Market price indicates the combined psychological states of all market participants at that time.

- The market will always go wherever it wants to, and usually proceeds in an unexpected manner.

- As traders we are responsible for our own beliefs and actions, including the risks we take.

- Losses are an important part of trading. They provide feedback about a trader's ability to manage risk and engage emotions objectively.

Trade well!

- Thomas Sutton, Editor

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Quick List

Stock     08/02     08/02      Buy      Short   Trailing Stops     Gain 
Symbol    Price      +/-      Entry     Entry   Initial/Tighten   Amount 
------  --------  --------  --------  --------  ---------------  --------

BIG       20.50     -0.46     21.26     19.79        1.47/0.74      2.04
CEIX      59.63     -0.58      61.8                  5.92/2.96      8.32
GLNG      22.49      0.13     22.94     21.57        1.37/0.69      2.22
ACLX      21.99     -0.05     22.57     20.93        1.64/0.82      3.22
EBIX      22.48     -0.26     23.12     21.62         1.5/0.75      1.88

The "Quick List" provides a brief summary of each stock write-up and should be taken in the context of the related write-up presented in the "Stocks Covered in This Issue" section of this Report.

Be sure to read "How To Use The RightLine Quick List" and always use the RightLine Risk Control Calculator before entering any position.

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Market Summary

Stocks were modestly lower on Tuesday following the release of data showing that job openings declined for the third month in a row and the rate of hiring dipped slightly. In equities, Caterpillar (CAT $184) beat earnings expectations yet the share price fell, in part due to unfavorable currency movements and supply chain issues. On the other hand, Uber (UBER $29) rallied despite reporting a large quarterly loss as revenues were up a massive 105% from the previous year. The USD/dollar and oil prices advanced higher, while treasuries and gold declined.

                        Aug 1, 2022            Aug 2, 2022    
                  --------------------   --------------------
Dow                 32,798.40   -46.73     32,396.17  -402.23
Nasdaq              12,368.98   -21.71     12,348.76   -20.22
S&P 500              4,118.63   -11.66      4,091.19   -27.44

NYSE Volume                      4.27B                  4.79B
NYSE Advancers                   1,767                  1,450
NYSE Decliners                   1,511                  1,754

Nasdaq Volume                    4.41B                  4.78B
Nasdaq Advancers                 2,252                  2,341
Nasdaq Decliners                 2,398                  2,231

                                 New Highs/Lows

                   07/26  07/27  07/28  07/29  08/01  08/02
NYSE New Highs        21     33     44     42     41     35
NYSE New Lows         70     45     50     46     48     32
Nasdaq New Highs      52     58     84     91     80     52
Nasdaq New Lows      172    144    131    121    118     95

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TRADER'S TIP: "Money Management: When Bigger Isn't Better"

Money management should pay more attention to potential trading loss than to potential gain, and include a method to limit draw-downs in your account. Unless some type of effective Position Sizing is used, you are almost guaranteed to lose money over the long-term. For instance, most traders don't know that if you repeatedly put all of your cash into a trade in which the odds of winning are nine out of ten, you will eventually lose it all. Although you may make money at first, in time the one loser out of every ten winners will empty your account.

The Technical Analyst

SPX Daily Chart

For help with this chart, be sure to read "Understanding The Importance Of Support And Resistance"
and "Improve Your Trading With Moving Averages".

S&P 500 - 4091.19 August 2, 2022

52-Week High: 4818.62
52-Week Low: 3636.85
Daily Trend: UP
Weekly trend: UP
Weekly Pivot Levels
Resistance 3: 4519.21
Resistance 2: 4289.80
Resistance 1: 4210.04
Pivot: 4060.39
Support 1: 3980.63
Support 2: 3830.98
Support 3: 3601.57

NASDAQ Composite - 12348.76 August 2, 2022

52-Week High: 16212.23
52-Week Low: 10565.14
Daily Trend: UP
Weekly trend: UP
Weekly Pivot Levels
Resistance 3: 13902.55
Resistance 2: 13009.66
Resistance 1: 12700.17
Pivot: 12116.77
Support 1: 11807.28
Support 2: 11223.88
Support 3: 10330.99
Dow Industrials - 32396.17 August 2, 2022

52-Week High: 36952.65
52-Week Low: 29653.27
Daily Trend: UP
Weekly trend: UP
Weekly Pivot Levels
Resistance 3: 34896.53
Resistance 2: 33691.71
Resistance 1: 33268.42
Pivot: 32486.89
Support 1: 32063.60
Support 2: 31282.07
Support 3: 30077.25

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Market Calendar

ECONOMIC REPORTS AND EVENTS (all times are Eastern):    

Wednesday, August 03, 2022:
03-Aug  9:45 am   
03-Aug  10 am   ISM services index
03-Aug  10 am   Factory orders
03-Aug  10 am   Core capital equipment orders (revision)
03-Aug  10 am   Rental vacancy rate
03-Aug  10 am   Homeowner vacancy rate

Thursday, August 04, 2022:
04-Aug  8:30 am   Initial jobless claims
04-Aug  8:30 am   Continuing jobless claims
04-Aug  8:30 am   Trade deficit

Friday, August 05, 2022:
05-Aug  8:30 am   Nonfarm payrolls
05-Aug  8:30 am   Unemployment rate
05-Aug  8:30 am   Average hourly earnings
05-Aug  8:30 am   Labor-force participation rate, ages 25-54

For a chart of typical Up or Down market reactions to specific major US economic reports 
go to:  Economic Indicator Effects

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TRADER'S TIP: "The Four Stages of Market Action"

A study of price charts reveals that all markets have the same basic movements. First is the accumulation or consolidation stage, which occurs at the bottom of a market; this is often referred to as a "base building" period. The second stage is the rally or run-up stage that occurs when stocks trend higher. The third stage is the distribution stage, another form of consolidation that signals the top of a market. The fourth stage is the sell off, or declining stage. Most markets spend over 80% of the time in the consolidation stages, when it is usually best to trade for short-term profits.

Stocks Covered in This Issue


Big Lots, Inc. (BIG: Consumer Defensive/Discount Stores) - SQUEEZE PLAY. Trader indecision has put BIG squarely in the center of a Bull versus Bear standoff. This tight spot should soon give way to a clear winner in the short-term, and we want to be in position for the move. To do that we've set a BUY entry at 21.26 and a SELL short entry at 19.79. Now it's up to BIG to show us which entry will be filled. Once the trade is underway place a 1.47 trailing stop, which can be tightened to 0.74 after you achieve a 2.04 profit. BIG closed on Tuesday at 20.50. Earnings Report Date: Aug 25, 2022. Beta: 2.11. Market-Cap: 592.809M. Optionable.


CONSOL Energy Inc. (CEIX: Energy/Thermal Coal) - NEW HIGH DIP. CEIX's upward price momentum produced a brand new 52-week high just a few sessions ago. Shares have been sliding downhill since reaching that point, but the bounce that took place during Tuesday's trading could be telling us the short-term decline is over. We need to confirm that sellers are exiting, so we'll wait for CEIX to move a bit higher before buying this stock. Set your BUY trigger at 61.8, and then enter a trailing stop of 5.92. Tighten the stop to 2.96 when you accumulate a 8.32-point gain. CEIX finished the Tuesday session at 59.63. Earnings Report Date: Aug 04, 2022. Beta: 1.97. Market-Cap: 2.076B. Optionable.

Golar LNG Limited (GLNG: Energy/Oil & Gas Midstream) - SQUEEZE PLAY. GLNG traders on both sides of the fence are now locked in a head-to-head shootout. Tuesday's price range was the narrowest in over a week, as neither Bears or Bulls have been able to clearly gain the upper hand. This gives us an opportunity to catch the next directional move with little risk of loss. To do this we'll place both a long and a short trigger with a BUY at 22.94 and a SELL short trigger at 21.57. When one of the orders is filled, cancel the remaining order and enter a 1.37 trailing stop. When you've reached a 2.22 paper profit, tighten the stop to 0.69. GLNG closed at 22.49 on Tuesday. Earnings Report Date: Aug 11, 2022. Beta: 0.75. Market-Cap: 2.429B. Optionable.


Arcellx, Inc. (ACLX: Healthcare/Biotechnology) - SQUEEZE PLAY. The struggle between buyers and sellers has resulted in ACLX's narrowest trading range of the past seven sessions. With neither group able to take complete control on Tuesday, the stock's short term destiny is up for grabs. You can capitalize on this unusually tight condition by placing both a BUY order at 22.57 and a SELL order at 20.93. Regardless of which order is triggered, cancel the other one and follow your entry with a 1.64 trailing stop. Tighten the stop to 0.82 once you have a 3.22 gain. ACLX closed Tuesday at 21.99. Earnings Report Date: N/A. Beta: N/A. Market-Cap: 962.867M. Optionable.


Ebix, Inc. (EBIX: Technology/Software-Application) - SQUEEZE PLAY. In certain stocks a tightly constricted price range is a sign that neither bulls nor bears are confident of winning in the near term. This often means that the side that gives up first causes a quick move in the opposite direction. In these fear dominated skirmishes, opposing traders always benefit from the retreat. In the Squeeze Play setup you can actually play both sides of the inevitable surge. EBIX traders reached this state of stand-off on Tuesday with the tightest range of the past seven days. You can take advantage of their efforts by placing a low risk BUY trigger at 23.12 and a SELL short trigger at 21.62. After one of the two orders is filled, cancel the un-triggered order and place a trailing stop at 1.5 which can be tightened to 0.75 on a 1.88 gain. EBIX closed Tuesday at 22.48. Earnings Report Date: Aug 08, 2022. Beta: 2.60. Market-Cap: 694.74M. Optionable.

IMPORTANT: Before entering any positions, always use the Risk Control System to determine the level of acceptable risk and the maximum number of shares to buy. Use Gap Adjusted Entries to reset the Entry Price for stocks that gap beyond recommended entry levels.

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Stock Splits

Below are the stocks that have announced splits and have recently executed or will execute soon. There is generally a return to normal price behavior in the weeks following a split announcement in what we call a "Dormancy Phase." As the stock nears its split execution date (Effective Date) it often moves into the "Pre-Split Run" stage where quick and sometimes dramatic gains can occur.

                             Announce     Eff.       Split
Company Name     (Symbol)      Date       Date       Ratio   Options  
---------------- -------     --------    -------     ------  -------   
Gamestop          GME        7/7/2022   7/22/2022    4-for-1   Yes
Alphabet          GOOG       2/1/2022   7/18/2022   20-for-1   Yes
Nasdaq Inc        NDAQ       7/20/2022  8/29/2022    3-for-1   Yes    

Split details are also available online at the RightLine Online Stock Split Calendar. For a detailed look at the different stages of a Stock Split, Click Here.

RightLine Risk Control Calculator A simple yet powerful tool, the Risk Control Calculator helps you manage risk by recommending a maximum number of shares to purchase. Available in the RightLine Member's Area.


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