The first half of this guide is an overview. It gives you a brief look at how to use the RightLine Special Report. The second section gives you a step-by-step procedure to follow.

The RightLine Special Report is very easy to use. It’s also extremely powerful.

  • First we research the markets to find premium companies whose stock has significant profit potential. Then we use technical analysis to determine the exact time to buy shares.
  • Next, we notify you by email that a new Report is ready for your review. The details needed to place an order with your broker are included in this New Report Email. We also include Exit Strategy details to reduce risk and lock in profits.
  • The subject heading of all New Report Emails will include the words “Your RightLine Special Report Is Ready” so you can set your email software to alert you when these emails arrive.
  • We also send you regular Email Updates for Open Positions. These Email Updates are usually sent each weekend. Due to changing market conditions we will sometimes send Email Updates less or more often.
  • The subject heading of all Email Updates will include the word “Update” so you can set your email software to alert you when these emails arrive.
  • You are probably already familiar with the terminology used in the New Report Emails and Email Updates. If not, we provide links in each one to explain exactly what is meant.


New Report Emails

  1. When you receive an email stating a new Report has just been published, read the Report and decide if you wish to purchase the stock.
  2. Use the Risk Control Calculator to determine how many shares to buy.
  3. Place the Buy order with your broker. Be sure to place the Initial Stop Order too.

Email Updates

  1. When you receive an email update, check to see if the stop order levels have changed. If so, adjust any Stop Orders currently pending with your broker.
  2. If any open positions are indicated to be sold, place the sell order with your broker.


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