Subscriber Terms & Conditions

SUBSCRIBERS purchasing a single Report will be notified when the next Report is available and will have the option to subscribe or purchase another single report.

AUTOMATIC RENEWAL POLICY – All monthly, quarterly, 6-month and annual subscriptions will be automatically renewed with the credit card provided unless RightLine is notified before the renewal date as defined here:

Subscription Renewal Dates:
Monthly Subscription: 1 Week (7 days) before expiration date.
Quarterly Subscription: 2 Weeks (14 days) before expiration date.
Six-Month Subscription: 2 Weeks (14 days) before expiration date.
Annual (12-Month) Subscription: 2 Weeks (14 days) before expiration date.

CREDIT CARD EXPIRATION – If a subscriber’s credit card information on file expires before the renewal date, RightLine will automatically attempt to update the status of the card by extending the annual expiration date of the card. If this is unsuccessful, the subscriber will be contacted to update the credit card information.

CANCELLATION POLICY – To cancel future service or stop automatic billing, subscribers are responsible for notifying RightLine before the subscription renewal date as defined in these Terms and Conditions.

REFUND POLICY – Due to the time-sensitive nature of our products and services, subscription fees are not refundable.

NOTIFICATION PROCEDURE – Notifications may be submitted by using the Email Contact Form or by calling (312) 248-4241‬. Please allow two business days for confirmation. Please do not assume the terms of your subscription have been changed or cancelled until confirmation is received. Subscribers may also request to be notified of upcoming renewals at any time prior to their subscripton renewal date.

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